Saturday, September 22, 2007


If you haven’t already, you must view this series of four videos on YouTube related to the RON PAUL campaign for President 2008.

Even as a canadian citizen the implications of not hearing this man’s message and the attempts by main stream media and the forces that drive it, are enormous.

To watch the strategic manouverings to silence or at best make impudent the voice of this sole crusader for rational thinking in what has become an irrational world of politics is frustrating to the point of making one’s blood boil especially when watching FOX News attempting to deflate the obvious. That being that Ron Paul’s message is resonating with the masses and they the media, do not like what they are seeing play out before them. It is pathetic to see their struggle to promote the obvious losers of the debate broadcast and wathcing their backpeddling to create the impression of support for candidates that tow the hollow sounding party line. It is all rather pathetic.

Much like Hollywood’s protraying of the lone underdog trying to claw his way through the myre against deep and relentous opposition – will RON PAUL’s story have a happy ending?

With a louder voice of support for what this man is attempting to do – the answer can be YES.

Ps Google the word AMERO and see what comes up. You might be upleasantly surprised whether you are an American or Canadian citizen. Especially Canadians who have just seen the loonie eclipse the US greenback for the first time in thirty years. Just when you think you are gonna have it good….they pull the economic carpet from under you..

I am looking forward to your comments on this…take care!

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